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assignment one - Mariela Arias FWS Social Psychology The...

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Mariela Arias FWS- Social Psychology The main hypothesis in the article Making Choices Impairs Subsequent Self-Control is well stated in the title; decision making diminishes the ability to use the resource that provides self-control and active responding. The independent variable is the decision making, while the dependent variable is the ability to self-regulate. Experiment 2: Consumer Choices and Pain Tolerance was performed to test whether making choices can affect the amount of pain one can resist, in other words, the ability to override the natural tendency to avoid pain by self-control. This was done by having 25 participants randomly assigned to two separate groups: the choice condition and the no-choice condition. In the choice condition, participants had to choose between different and various products. The no-choice group only recorded their thoughts on 8 advertisement; avoiding any type of decision making. The choice and no-choice groups spent the same amount of time completing their tasks in separate rooms with different experimenters. Following their respective tasks, participants were taken to a second (blind) experimenter who administered the cold pressor task. The water in a tank was maintained at 34 degrees Fahrenheit
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assignment one - Mariela Arias FWS Social Psychology The...

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