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American Express - Case 1-1

American Express - Case 1-1 - American Express American...

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American Express American Express, a market leader, was founded in 1850 and has become a market leader in global financing services. A great success within the company may be partially attributed to the AELN or American Express Learning Network. The AELN helps to increase the employee’s knowledge through training and by making available classes to the employees that can help them to increase their skills and knowledge. Unlike most companies American Express employees are comprised of nearly sixty-eight percent of them being women, which is a much higher number than many other companies. They are considered to be well established within the Working Mother Hall of Fame and are seen as promoting a very family friendly environment. As Kenneth Chenault, chairman and CEO, states, “having an inspired and engaged workforce is key to providing customers with exceptional products and service. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging employee needs, both in the workplace and in their personal lives” (Nelson & Quick p. 151, 2009). To achieve this goal the company has established a learning network, which is tasked with improving performance through proper training. The desired response to be gained by proper training is to promote a healthy and strong working environment while at the same time improving the relationship of their employees and their customers. One way they have been able to achieve this goal is through goal setting. Goal setting which can be defined as obtaining a desired response through the establishing of certain behaviors seems to be a success at American Express. A goal held by American Express through the establishment of the learning network is the value they place on quality individuals. To become a quality individual they feel that as a person you should be continually learning to improve one’s self. The company has setup online training courses to help allow their employees the chance to grow as an individual while at the same time
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gaining valuable skills that can improve their value to the company as a whole. Looking
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American Express - Case 1-1 - American Express American...

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