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Discussion - 1 Identify the 3 components of organizational...

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1. Identify the 3 components of organizational architecture. Provide 3 real world examples of how the lack of one or more of the components caused dysfunctional behavior at an organization. The three components that make up organizational architecture are: the assignment of decision rights within a company, the methods of rewarding individuals, and the structure of systems to evaluate the performance of individuals and business units. I previously worked for a company that consisted of over 1,000 employees and the only person that was allowed to make any decisions was the owner of the company. When initially hired my job was explained to me and only after working for the company for a short period of time was I informed that I was not to take any action without first getting it approved by the owner. As an Office Manager that is faced with multiple decisions every day that is a difficult and time consuming task prior to making any decisions for the company. This established a working environment where the employees myself included did not feel empowered, nor did I look forward to going into work.
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