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Saint Leo University Graduate Business Studies MBA540 Managerial Economics Course Description: This course explores the concepts of economic optimization, the estimation of demand and cost and pricing analysis. An introduction to economic forecasting and decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty are also included. Prerequisite: MBA 525 plus undergraduate course in economics strongly recommended. Textbooks: Brickley, J., Smith, C., & Zimmerman, J. (2009). Managerial economics and organizational architecture (5th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin. Course Objectives: Attributes that are highly valued in the workplace are: the willingness and ability to learn, discipline, integrity, self-motivation, adaptability, commitment, teamwork, timeliness and dependability. You can practice and develop these skills in this course. The objective of this course is to provide through lectures, readings, class discussions and examinations, an opportunity for learning so that the student will: Develop a clear understanding of economic theory and methods as they relate to managerial decision-making. Acquire a framework for understanding the nature of the firm as an integrated whole, as opposed to a loosely connected set of functional departments. Recognize the interrelation between the firm and society and the key role of business as an agent of social and economic welfare. Develop an understanding of the usefulness of economic analysis and the importance of economic reasoning skills for competing in a global economy. Evaluation: In determining the final grade the following weights will apply: Quizzes (8 @ 100 points each) 800 points 24% Discussion questions-initial responses (8 @ 50 points each) 400 points 14% Case studies (8 @ 100 points each) 800 points 24% Reflection discussions (8 @ 100 points each) 800 points 24% Group assignments (4 @ 50 points each) 200 points 14% Total 3000 points 100%
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Final grades will be earned based on the following scale: Minimum points needed for grades: Grade A 95-100% A - 90-94% B + 86-89% B 83-85% B - 80-82% C 75-79% F Below 75% Exams: Please note that the quizzes are provided online and are to be completed each week. The quizzes are due each week when the other assignments are due. Discussion Board: The weekly Module discussion questions will be posted by the instructor for each week. You must post at least two responses to the discussion board for each module. Reflection Discussion: You will be asked to take the article listed and comment on how it applies to the economic subject matter under consideration for that particular module. This is largely your opinion but citations should be utilized where necessary. The document should be double-spaced and grammatically accurate. It is suggested that keeping the summary to less than two full pages will be perfect. Case Studies:
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MBA540_Syllabus - Saint Leo University Graduate Business...

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