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ws_02.2 - Education loans Margin loans used to purchase...

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BALANCE SHEET Name(s) Liquid Assets Cash on hand $ In chequing Savings accounts Money market funds and deposits Certificates of deposit (<1 yr. to maturity) Total Liquid Assets $ Current Liabilities Utilities $ Rent Insurance premiums Taxes Medical/dental bills Repair bills Bank credit card balances Dept. store credit card balances Travel and entertainment card balances Gas and other credit card balances Bank line of credit balances Other current liabilities Total Current Liabilities $ Long-Term Liabilities Residence mortgage $ Second home mortgage Real estate investment mortgage Auto loans Appliance/furniture loans Home improvement loans
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Unformatted text preview: Education loans Margin loans used to purchase securities Other long-term loans Total Long-Term Liabilities $ Personal Property Auto(s): $ Auto(s): Recreational vehicles Household furnishing Jewelry and artwork Other Other Total Personal Property $ (I)Total Assets $ Total Liabilities and Net Worth $ Net Worth [(I) - (II)] $ (II) Total Liabilities $ Real Property Residence $ Second home Other Total Real Property $ Investments Stocks $ Bonds GIC (>1 yr. to maturity) Mutual funds Real estate RRSPs Other Total Investments $ ASSETS LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH Date...
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