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INCOME AND EXPENSE STATEMENT Name(s) For the Wages and salaries Self-employment income Bonuses and commissions Investment income Pensions and annuities Other income Name: Name: Name: Interest received Dividends received Rents received Sale of securities Other $ (I) Total Income $ INCOME Housing Utilities Food Transportation Medical Clothing Insurance Ta xe s Appliances, furniture, and other major purchases Personal care Recreation and entertainment Other items Rent/mortgage payment (include insurance and taxes, if applicable) Repairs, maintenance, improvements Gas, electric, water Phone Cable TV and other Groceries Dining out Auto loan payments Licence plates, fees, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Gas, oil, repairs, tires, maintenance Health, major medical, disability insurance (payroll deductions or not provided by employer) Doctor, dentist, hospital, medicines Clothes, shoes, and accessories Homeowner’s (if not covered by mortgage payment) Life (not provided by employer) Auto Income tax, CCP and EI Property (if not included in mortgage) Loan payments Purchases and repairs Laundry, cosmetics, hair care Vacations Other recreation and entertainment $ (II) Total Expenses $ CASH SURPLUS (OR DEFICIT) [(I)-(II)] $ EXPENSES Ended...
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