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Identification Income Tax and Benefit Return 5000-R 8 Do not use this area 172 171 entry departure Day Month Month Day or Information about your residence Enter the province or territory where you currently reside if it is not the same as that shown above for your mailing address: City Postal code Prov./Terr. Your guide contains valuable information to help you complete your return. When you come to a line on the return that applies to you, look up the line number in the guide for more information. Do not use this area Enter your date of birth: Year Month Day Divorced 4 5 Separated 6 Single 1 Married Living common law 2 3 Widowed Français English Information about you Enter your social insurance number (SIN) if you are not attaching a label: Your language of correspondence: Votre langue de correspondance : Year Month Day If this return is for a deceased person, enter the date of death: Check this box if he or she was self-employed in 2005: Enter his or her first name: Enter his or her net income for 2005 to claim
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