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ws_12.1 - Based on years to retirement(A and an expected...

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PROJECTING RETIREMENT INCOME AND INVESTMENT NEEDS $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ I. Estimated Household Expenditures in Retirement: A. Approximate number of years to retirement B. Current level of annual household expenditures, excluding savings C. Estimated household expenses in retirement as a percent of current expenses D. Estimated annual household expenditures in retirement (B C) II. Estimated Income in Retirement: E. CPP, annual income F. Company/employer pension plans, annual amounts G. Other sources, annual amounts H. Total annual income (E F G) I. Additional required income, or annual shortfall (D H) III. Inflation Factor: J. Expected average annual rate of inflation over the period to retirement K. Inflation factor (in Appendix A):
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Unformatted text preview: Based on ____ years to retirement (A) and an expected average annual rate of inflation (J) of ____ L. Size of inflation-adjusted annual shortfall (I 3 K) IV. Funding the Shortfall: M. Anticipated return on assets held after retirement N. Amount of retirement funds required—size of nest egg (L 4 M) O. Expected rate of return on investments prior to retirement P. Compound interest factor (in Appendix B): Based on ____ years to retirement (A) and an expected rate of return on investments of ____ Q. Annual savings required to fund retirement nest egg (N 4 P) Note: Parts I and II are prepared in terms of current (today’s) dollars. Name(s) Date...
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