2009 Exam 2 - NS3200 Exam II October 8, 2009 (100 Points...

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1 NS3200 Exam II October 8, 2009 (100 Points total) NAME:____________________ Net ID: _____________ Part I. Circle the best answer (True or False) (1 point each, 25 points total) 1. True or False The glucocorticoid responsive element (GRE) is located in the cytoplasm. 2. True or False Homotropic effectors can substrates that bind to the substrate binding site. 3. True or False Restriction enzymes cut DNA at specific palindromic sequences. 4. True or False Northern blot is a method named to detect DNA samples using RNA probes. 5. True or False A holoenzyme is always the active form of the enzyme. 6. True or False Enzymes enable metabolic pathways by accelerating the rate a reaction by altering the K eq . 7. True or False The active site and allosteric site of an enzyme can be the same site. 8. True or False All amino acids found in proteins are in the L-type optical isomerism. 9. True or False Like amino acids, the protein’s isoelectric pH (pI) can be precisely calculated based on Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. 10. True or False Covalent peptide bond formation involves the side chain of amino acids. 11. True or False Lysine is an essential amino acid. 12. True or False Peroxidases catalyze reactions involving the transfer of two electrons to molecular oxygen forming hydrogen peroxide. 13. True or False Proteins undergo folding-refolding equilibrium during chaperonin-mediated folding process until native conformation is achieved. 14. True or False The pig insulin is homologous to human insulin, because they have identical amino acid sequences. 15. True or False Arginine has more amino groups than valine, so it has higher hydrophobicity. 16. True or False A reaction product from an enzyme catalyzed reaction can be an inhibitor of the reaction it catalyzes. 17. True or False The pK of lactic acid is 3.86, so the conjugate pair lactate iron/lactic acid does not have any buffering capacity at pH 7.4. 18. True or False The plasmid-based cloning vector must rely on host DNA for replication. 19. True or False Steroid hormone cortisol directly binds DNA and inhibits gene transcription. 20. True or False The mechanism of lac operon occurs in mammalian cells. 21.
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2009 Exam 2 - NS3200 Exam II October 8, 2009 (100 Points...

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