3580 Spring 2011_PSET 3

3580 Spring 2011_PSET 3 - control it in your synthesis O O...

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Chemistry 3850 Spring 2011 Prof. William Dichtel Homework: Problem Set #3 Will not be collected; key will be posted on 2/12/11 Textbook Problems: Ch 15 (p 731): 15.46, 15.48, 15.52, 15.54, 15.62 Ch 16 (p 780) : 16.49, 16.50, 16.59 (1) Match each pi-energy level diagram to a molecule listed above. O H H H NH N A B C D E F G H (2) Predict the products of the following transformations. OH H 2 SO 4 + NC CN CN NC Draw all four possible products (including stereoisomers) heat
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(3) Synthesize the following compounds using any starting materials and reagents containing 7 or fewer carbons. If stereochemistry is defined in the product, you must
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Unformatted text preview: control it in your synthesis. O O O O O Br SO 3 H (4) Draw the resonance contributors for the following structures and rank them in order of decreasing importance. O O N OCH 3 H H Br S (5) Circle the compounds that are aromatic. For any compound that is not aromatic, give at least one reason why it is not aromatic. OH N H N N N N H N N (6) Propose a reasonable arrow pushing mechanism for the following transformations: O OH Cl Cl + AlCl 3 O N...
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3580 Spring 2011_PSET 3 - control it in your synthesis O O...

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