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Chemistry 3580 Spring 2011 Prof. William Dichtel Homework: Problem Set #5 Will not be collected; key will be posted on 3/3/11 Textbook Problems: Ch 18 (p 877): 18.44(a-d; g-k), 18.49, 18.61, 18.62, 18.64(a-l), 18.65 (a-i), 18.66, 18.76, 18.77 (1) Give the correct oxidation state, d n count, and electron count of the following transition metal-containing compounds: (2) Propose a mechanism for the following transformation. Name each process that occurs around the metal center (e.g., ligand insertion) and calculate the oxidation state, d n electron
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Unformatted text preview: count, and total electron count for each intermediate that contains the transition metal. (3) Provide the reagents and any other organic compounds needed to synthesize the indicated product from the starting material shown. No synthesis will require more than f ve steps. However, some or all may require fewer than f ve steps. (a) Ni Ph 3 P Ph 3 P Cl (b) TiCl 2 (c) Pd OH P P Bu Bu Bu Bu Bu Bu Ru PCy 3 Ph Cl Cl (d) Cl O Br Cl O Pd(PPh 3 ) 4 NEt 3 Cl O Br Cl O Br Ru PCy 3 PCy 3 Ph Cl Cl Cy = cyclohexyl NO 2 NH 2 NO 2...
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