mafilt1 - end M = length(b); brev = b(M:-1:1); xhat =...

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function y = mafilt(b,x) % causal Moving Average filter % y = mafilt(b,x) % b is system impulse respose; x is input signal % Make sure x is a column vector: [r c] = size(x); if(c > r) x = x'; end N = length(x); % Make sure b is a row vector -- then reverse it [r c] = size(b); if(r > c) b = b';
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Unformatted text preview: end M = length(b); brev = b(M:-1:1); xhat = zeros(N+M-1,1); xhat(M:(N+M-1)) = x; y = zeros(N,1); for n=1:N, y(n) = brev * xhat(n:(n+M-1)); end avgdata= mafilt(,data.Tp); plot(data.Tp,'Color',[0.8 0.8 0.8],'LineWidth',2); hold on; plot(avgdata,'k'); return...
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