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02A IM Credit Sales System Flowchart

02A IM Credit Sales System Flowchart - Customer Repackaging...

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Sales Invoice Listing A/R Subsidiary Ledger Invoice List Assignment #2 Accounts Receivable and Credit Sales: Part A-Optional Exercises Sales Shipping Bookkeeper 1. Credit Sales System Flowchart Credit Manager Stores (Warehse/Repack) Accounts Receivable Clerk Customer Enter Customer Data into Customer Master File Print Sales Invoice Listing Sales Invoice Listing Enter Correction Data Process and Print Sales Invoices Invoice List Stock Request Copy Customer Copy of Invoice Approved by Sales Manager Edit and Approve Listing Sales Invoice Listing Stock Request Copy of Sales Invoice Enter Corrections to Inventory Master File Send Material & Stock Request Copy to
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Unformatted text preview: Customer Repackaging Send Material & Stock Req. Copy to Shipping Stock Request Copy of Invoice Enter Data to Produce Bill of Lading Access Report Listing Shipped Items Issue Material to Repackaging Enter Data into LAN Indicating Item was Shipped Update Sales Register and A/R Subsidiary Ledger Billed Customer Report (Sales Register) Access Reports on LAN Billed Customer Report (Sales Register) Customer Copy of Invoice File Pending Notice of Shipment Customer Copy of Invoice Customer P-4 Customer File Daily Send Invoices to Billed Customers...
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