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2. Completed Working Papers A-1 through A-7 Apple Blossom Cologne Company A-1 Bank Reconciliation - Big City National Bank 1/12/04 December 31, 2003 JWP (Prepared by Client) ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Balance Per Bank Statement 816660 C@ (A-2) Add: Deposit in transit Dec. 29 45987 V Undeposited cash receipts Dec. 31 12594 R (A-6) 58581 Deduct: Checks outstanding No. Payee 1443 Alex McBane Heating Dec. 24 650 n 1445 Office Decorators Dec. 24 350 n 1446 Longhorn Garbage Disposal Dec. 24 135 n 1449 DeBella Hardware Dec. 27 821 n 1450 Quick Print Printers Dec. 30 744 n 1452 Second National Bank Dec. 31 26000 n 28700 X Balance 12-31-03 846541 Audit adjustments: ^ (TB-BS) Proposed AJE #5 per (A-5) (10,000)
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Unformatted text preview: Balance per audit 836541 ^ Footed C Confirmed with bank per (A-2). @ Agreed to beginning balance of cutoff bank statement. V Traced to cash receipts journal before year-end and to cutoff bank statement. R Traced to cash receipts journal before year-end and to cutoff bank statement. Observed and counted at year-end. Ref. (A-6). n Examined paid check clearing with cutoff bank statement and traced to cash disbursements journal for December 2003. X While examining paid checks clearing with the bank statement, I observed that check #1451 for $10,000 payable to Second National Bank was dated 12-30-03 cleared the bank on 1-03-04. This check should be listed as outstanding as of 12-31-03. See proposed AJE on working paper (A-5)....
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