03H IM WP A-6 Undep Cash Rec

03H IM WP A-6 Undep Cash Rec -...

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            Apple Blossom Cologne Company              A-6                                                                                            Undeposited Cash Receipts - Big City National Bank      1-14-04                                                                                       12-31-03                     JWP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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Unformatted text preview: ====================================================================================== Payor Date Amount ==================================================================================== Capitol Odors 12-30 2148 r Janis Department Store 12-30 2000 r Body Bar 12-30 2412 r Lone Star Supply 12-30 1602 r William's Fragrances 12-31 3618 r National Gas 12-31 814 r Total 12594 y (A-1) The above checks were examined in my presence and returned to me intact on this date, 12-31-03, 3:45pm. Pam Lewis Cashier r Traced to cash receipts journal. All items recorded on 12-31-03. y Deposit cleared on 1-5-04 per cutoff bank statement....
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