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04A IM Invent Purch System Flowchart

04A IM Invent Purch System Flowchart - of Purchase Order...

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Assignment #4 Inventory and Purchases - Part A-Optional Exercises Inventory Clerk Purchasing Agent Receiving From Credit Sales System 1. Inventory-Purchases System Flowchart Update Inventory Master File for Shipments Select Items for Reorder Prepare Purchase Orders P.O. Listing Three-Part Purchase Order Production Superintendent Signs P.O. Inventory Reorder Report Purchase Order Listing To Vendor File Copy 2 Receiving Copy of Purchase Order Mat’l from Vendor Count Mat’l; and mark Rec’g Report Receiving Copy
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Unformatted text preview: of Purchase Order Receiving Log To Warehouse with Mat’l P-6 EOQ Processing Input Selected Items Access PO Listing & Update Quantity on Order Update IMF Quantity on Order Field Enter Receipts into Computer Update IMF Mdse Received Field From Warehouse with Mat’l Verify Count Input Count Update IMF Quantity on Hand Field Exception Report Listing Differences Between Qty Recd & Qty Ordered To Purchasing Agent for Resolution...
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