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Apple Blossom Cologne Company   D-2 Insurance Confirmation 1-28-04 December 31, 2003     JWP Pierce and Langdohl Insurance Agency 5806 Brunt Road Chicago, Illinois 60616 Phone 312-555-3804 January 15, 2004 Anderson, Olds and Watershed Certified Public Accountants 615 Big City Bank Building Chicago, Illinois 60612 This is to confirm that during 2003, Apple Blossom Cologne Company had the following insurance policies listed with this agency: Southwestern Fire and Casualty : Policy #4628-41-8001, fire and extended coverage on plant building and contents, $1,500,000, dated July 1, 2001, 2-year term, premium $17,562. Policy #4628-41-8002, * fire and extended coverage on plant building and contents, $2,500,000, dated July 1, 2003, 2-year term, premium $31,250.
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Unformatted text preview: Old Line Insurance Group : Policy # AB6048R3, truck liability, $500,000, dated March 31, 2002, 1-year term, premium $4,918. Policy #AB6048R4, * Truck liability, $500,000, dated March 31, 2003, 1-year term, premium $4,815. State Mutual : Policy #60-218049, public liability (50K-100K-10K), collision ($100 ded.), and comprehensive ($100 ded.), dated October 1, 2001, 3-year term, premiums $17,703--liability, $13,067--collision, and $7,587--comprehensive. American Fidelity and Casualty : Policy #KH-8034, fidelity bond on employees, $250,000, dated June 30, 2002, 3-year term, premium $8,810. Sincerely yours, William I. Ruppersen, Agent PIERCE AND LANGDOHL AGENCY * Noted renewal of expired policy. JWP WIR/jap...
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