06C IM WP E-3 Gain Loss Invstmts - Prn

06C IM WP E-3 Gain Loss Invstmts - Prn - 22733 RY(E-1(E-4...

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Apple Blossom Cologne Company E-3 Gain/Loss on Sale of Investments 1-28-04 12-31-03 JWP ===================================================================================== Number of Gain Date Security Shares Cost Proceeds (Loss) ===================================================================================== 1/30/2003 Lackawanna Energy 1270 C 147320 Z 170053 E
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Unformatted text preview: 22733 RY (E-1) (E-4) 4/16/2003 United Grain 1686 C 198948 Z 202190 E 3242 RY (E-1) (E-4) 346268 372243 25975 (TB-IS) C Confirmed by broker. Reference working paper (E-4). Z Cost verified per prior year's auidt working papers. R Recalculated. Y Traced to general ledger account. E Traced to cash receipts journal and examined broker's advice....
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  • Spring '09
  • United States Air Force, general ledger account, Non-commissioned member, Blossom Cologne Company, apple blossom cologne, Lackawanna¬†Energy

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