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07F2 IM WP F-6 Equip Lease p.2 - Prn

07F2 IM WP F-6 Equip Lease p.2 - Prn - Balance-74,800...

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Apple Blossom Cologne Company F-6 Equipment Lease 1-26-04 12-31-03 JWP 2 of 2 ====================================================================================================== ====================================================================================================== Current portion of Lease Obligation Annual Reduction Lease Lease Interest of Lease Oblig. Payment (11%) Oblig.
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Unformatted text preview: Balance 12-31-03---74,800 7-1-04 12,701 8,228 4,473 70,327 (TB-BS (TB-BS adjusted) adjusted) Note: Reduction of lease obligation represents the amount of the liability that will be paid within one year from the balance sheet date. Accordingly (AJE #16) is proposed to recognize this amount as short term: Lease obligation--LT 450 4,473 Lease obligation--St 350 4,473...
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