08A IM AP Processing System Flowchart

08A IM AP Processing System Flowchart - Unpaid Bills by Due...

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Assignment #8 Accounts Payable Processing and Unrecorded Liabilities - Part A-Optional Exercises Accounts Payable Clerk Purchasing Agent Treasurer From Vendor 1. Accounts Payable Processing System Flowchart 2 Purchase Order P-7 Purchasing Agent Invoice From Receiving Dept. 3 Receiving Report Open PO File Match and Compare Documents Input Action for Creating Vouchers Receiving Report Purchase Order Vendor Invoice Update Vendor Inventory Master File Voucher Register Payment Vouchers Accounts Payable Subsidiary Ledger Balancing Routine Reconciles to General Ledger
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Unformatted text preview: Unpaid Bills by Due Date Voucher Signed by Controller Receiving Report Purchase Order Vendor Invoice Voucher Cash Requirements Report Pull Vouchers Requiring Payment Supporting Documents Process Checks and Prepare Cash Disb Journal Input Action for Preparing Checks Cash Disb Journal Checks Cash Disb. Listing Check and Supporting Voucher Package Review Documentation & Sign Checks Dual Signature with Controller Cancel Documents Checks and Canceled Vouchers Canceled Vouchers Check Vendor File...
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