08B IM WP G-1 Accounts Payable - Prn

08B IM WP G-1 Accounts Payable - Prn - 12-34 Edwards...

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2. Completed Working Papers G-1 through G-4 Apple Blossom Cologne Company G-1 Accounts Payable 1-28-04 12-31-03 JWP (Prepared by client) =============================================================================== Vo. No. Vendor Amount =============================================================================== 12-08 A to Z Janitorial 125 uy 12-10 Hart Murphy Office Outfitters 8400 uy 12-15 Norton Exterminators 70 uy 12-21 Fruit Juicy Perfume Co. 109120 uyC (G-4) 12-31 Apple Valley Security 1485 uy
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Unformatted text preview: 12-34 Edwards, Overstreet & Gilley 4820 uy 12-35 Fruit Scents, Inc. 11080 uyC (G-3) 12-42 Flash Freight Co. 400 uy 12-43 Dr. Edward Abel 50 Per client 12-31-03 135550 ^ Audit adjustments: (TB-BS) (AJE #10) (E-1) 37600 (AJE #17) (G-2) 50650 Balance per audit 223800 ^ Footed u Traced to cash disbursements journal. Paid after 1-1-04. y Vouched to vendor's invoice and other supporting documents. All items received on or before year-end, 12-31-03. C Confirmed....
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