09A IM Payroll System Flowchart

09A IM Payroll System Flowchart - Data Weekly Time Cards...

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Payroll Register Copy Assignment #9 Payroll Processing and Accrued Liabilities - Part A-Optional Exercises Plant and Office Payroll Clerk Treasurer 1. Payroll System Flowchart Batch and Transmit Salaried Reports . Notification of Hire/Dismissal Personnel Records for Hires/Dismissals File P-8 Personnel Purchasing Agent Enter Personnel Data Send to President for Approval Approve Time Cards/ Salaried Time Reports Time cards are submitted weekly; Salaried Personnel Report Monthly Enter Payroll
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Unformatted text preview: Data Weekly Time Cards and Monthly Salaried Personnel Reports Payroll Register Payroll Register Copy File Process Checks and Prepare Cash Disb. Journal Listing Checks Weekly Time Cards and Monthly Salaried Personnel Reports Checks Payrol Register Copy Approve Payroll & Sign Checks with Controller (Dual) Checks Payroll Register Copy To A/P Clerk for Distribution File Input Action to Create Payroll Checks Process Payroll Register...
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