12B IM WP K-1 Retained Earnings

12B IM WP K-1 Retained Earnings -...

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                    Apple Blossom Cologne Company           K-1                                                                                                       Retained Earnings               2-5-04                                                                                                                 12-31-03                    JWP                                                                                                                                     
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Unformatted text preview: ================================================================================== ================================================================================== Balance 12-31-02 529683 A (TB-BS) Dividends 23125 M (TB-BS) 506558 Net Income, 2003, before audit adjustments 318585 * (TB-BS) Balance, 12-31-03, per client 825143 R Net effect of 2003 audit adjustments: (Adjusting entries debit income $177,135 and credit income $46,672 (130463) * Balance, 12-31-03, after audit adjustments 694680 C * Agreed to income statement--working trial balance (TB-IS). A Agreed to prior year's audit working papers. M Traced to corporate minutes and to liability - Dividends payable. R Reconciles to (TB-BS) per client. C Reconciles to (TB-BS) per audit....
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