Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Understanding self-concept Our...

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Chapter 3 Understanding self-concept - Our self-concept is our perceived self, which consists of an organized collection of beliefs and attitudes about self. Who we perceive ourselves to be is determined by our experiences and communication with others, the roles and values we have selected for ourselves, and how we believe others see us. - It consists of 2 subcomponents: 1. Self-image: how we see ourselves or our mental picture of self (I see myself as being a person, an athlete) 2. Self-esteem: our feelings and attitudes toward ourselves or how we evaluate ourselves (I feel I am an okay person, a good student) Both self-image and self-esteem make up our self-concept. A. Self-concept as a process - Communication is a dynamic process because it has no beginning or end and is constantly changing. Self-concept is also a process. - Self-perceptions and the perceptions others have of us differ from time to time, from situation to situation, and from person to person. Ex: if you receive an A on the hard exam, you will be proud of yourself. Your view of yourself might differ dramatically if you already put a lot of effort and still end up getting D. B. Development of self-concept - Our first communication involved sensing our environment- sight, sound, taste, smell that surrounded us. - Parental communication, both verbal and nonverbal has an extremely strong impact on the initial development of self-concept. - We learn a great deal about ourselves by observing our own behaviors. - Self-concept is affected not only by how we perceive (identify) ourselves, but also by how we perceive others, how others perceive us, and how we think others perceive us. - Self-concept is further determined by the values, attitudes, and beliefs we posses. a.
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Understanding self-concept Our...

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