Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 I Gathering information Quality of...

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Chapter 8 I. Gathering information - Quality of information matters more than quantity, especially when your time is limited. That’s why it is important to develop your research skill. The more skilled you become at doing research, the better use you will make of your time. 1. Using yourself as a source of information You are one of the most valuable sources of information available. Your own experience and knowledge can contribute to the content of your speech and give you authority to speak on a subject. Providing your own knowledge of a subject can help you to organize your thoughts and develop a research plans and eventually moves you more quickly through research process. 2. The interview as a source of information The interview can be a valuable tool for gathering expert opinion. A good interview can often discover information that could never be obtained through any other sources. An interview is a carefully planned, person-to- person, question-and-answer session aimed at gathering information. 3. Steps in the interview process a. Establish the purpose of interview b. Choose the interviewee c. Conduct research prior to the interview (learn before the interview) d. Record the interview (take notes or audiotape) e. Prepare questions f. Organize the interview (opening, a body, and closing) g. Other consideration (appropriate dress, punctuality, and attentive listening) 4. The library as a source information Making use of the library required some effort, but once you understand how the system works-and most libraries use essentially the same system. Library is a very user friendly. Principal sources of information in the library include: the librarian, library computer-assisted search program, the electronic catalogs, and the reference department. 5.
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 I Gathering information Quality of...

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