Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 I Qualities of effective speakers...

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Chapter 10 I. Qualities of effective speakers The most effective speakers are ethical, knowledgeable, prepared, and self-confident. A. Ethnics It is an individual’s system of moral principles, plays a key role in communication. A responsible, ethnical speaker presents worthwhile and accurate information in a fair manner. Ethnical speakers do not falsify evidence to misrepresent information; always cite the sources of their information. It is perfectly legitimate to use a reasonable amount of information and ideas from others, as long as you give them credit and cite your sources within the speech. Listeners are also responsible for determining the truth. B. Knowledgeable It is a speaker’s greatest asset. Knowing your subject is essential if you plan to connect with your listeners. If you want to establish yourself as a knowledgeable person, you will gather more information than you could possibly use in your speech. So that you have a solid foundation for your speech and so that you can answer questions. C. Preparation A successful speech is somewhat like a successful business meeting – all require planning, preparation, and work. Preparation includes not only practice, but also a process of thinking through all possible audience responses so that she could effectively handle questions. D. Self confidence The belief in oneself is so essential to becoming an effective speaker. II. Delivery methods – impromptu, manuscript, memorized and extemporaneous Effective delivery conveys the speaker’s purpose and ideas clearly and interestingly so the audience attends to and retains what was said as the speaker intended it. Be yourself !
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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 I Qualities of effective speakers...

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