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Chapter 11 Objects: examine concrete subjects: people, animals, things, structures, and places. These topics are general and must be narrowed to meet the guidelines of most class- room speaking situations. Process: focus on a demonstration in which the speaker explains how something is done or how it takes place. To increase understanding and to teach someone how to do something. It is organized in time-sequence order, step by step from the beginning of the process to its end. Events: discuss happening or occasions. Concept: it deals with abstract topics such as belief theories, ideas, and principles.
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Unformatted text preview: The challenge is to make the subject matter concrete so that the audience can easily understand it. The speaker is responsible for narrowing and focusing the subject so that the audience understands the intended meaning. Gaining and maintaining the attention of the audience is extremely important in presenting information. Audience members must believe they will benefit from receiving the information, believe it is relevant to their lives, and find it interesting enough to want to listen....
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