Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Small-group communication making...

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Chapter 15 Small-group communication making the connection - It requires that the group members respect one another, speak clearly, provide credible information, support each other, foster a positive climate, challenge each other’s’ ideas and position. - We are involved in group communication when we associate with others, discuss common issue. - The family is probably the predominant small group - It involves the exchange of information among a relatively small number of people,5 to 7 who share a common purpose, such as small number of people, making a decision, sharing info. - It requires a communication style that is honest, flexible, enthusiastic, and tolerant of others. - It recognizes the importance of all group members’ input and want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate. Types and purpose a. Primary group - Focus on social relationship among members and exist primarily to satisfy what are labeled primary needs such as the need for inclusion (belonging), and affection (esteem, likeability, love) - It is usually a long term and includes family, roommates, friends, coworkers, etc. - It is to socialize, support one another, chat about a variety of topics, off stream, and each other’s company. - It is at the heart of interpersonal communication, and they are important to understanding a small-group communication in general.
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Small-group communication making...

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