drat - I thought that my groups speech which discussed the...

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I thought that my group’s speech, which discussed the topic of Halloween, was overall a successful presentation. Even though it was not flawless by any means, I thought that the positive aspects of it came from our level of preparedness and how well we worked together. How we communicated, and certain leadership qualities also affected the success of the speech. After reviewing the tape of our speech, I realized that our presentation seemed to flow pretty well, which we can credit to the individual research each of the group members carried out, and our practice beforehand. I also thought that we each did a good job drawing the audience in with good body language, eye contact, and interesting information on our topic. Upon analyzing the overall communication between the group members, I realized how our communication affected the quality of the speech. I thought that we didn’t really have an absolute leader, but that we made collaborative decisions about the content of the speech and the order in which we would present the material. We also did a good job assigning what sort of information each of us would research and then present individually. Without this necessary
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drat - I thought that my groups speech which discussed the...

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