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Chapter 7 Selecting an appropriate topic - Selecting topic is the first step in preparing a speech. - Many factors contribute to an effective speech presentation, including research, organization, wording, and delivery, but none is more important than selecting an appropriate topic. - When topic isn’t assigned by the instructor, the trick is to identify a topic that matches your interests and qualifications, the interests and existing knowledge of your audience, and situation. Techniques for finding a topic: self-inventory; brainstorming; reviewing current magazines, newspaper, and television news programs; and conducting internet research. A. Self-inventory: it is a list of subjects that you know about and find interesting. It might include books, newspaper, hobbies you enjoy, sports you participate in, or international issue that concerns you. Ex: technology/ media the iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry, Twitter Community issues the drunk bus, rising tuition, diversity on campus. - Step by step selecting an appropriate topic 1. Choose a meaningful topic a. More meaningful a topic, the more likely you are to put the necessary time and effort into researching and developing your speech. b. Reason for giving speech: complete assignment, gain your listener’s attention 2. Choose a topic that allows you to convey an important thought to your audience a. Relevant to audience’s interests, have some direct effect on them, or be something that you believe the audience should know. 3. Choose a familiar and interesting topic a. It will make development and delivery of speech easier if you are interested in the topic. 4. Think like a listener Evaluate your topic as if you will be the listeners B. Brainstorming - It is a technique used to generate as many ideas as possible within a limited amount of time. Set aside of short period of time(4-6 minutes). To keep things simple, write key words only. Don’t think either the idea is good or bad, the idea is to generate a lot of ideas, so every word is appropriate. - After listing, you can select those that appeal to you. C. Reviewing current media The media are channels or means of communicating messages to the public, such as newspaper, books, magazine, television, and movie. It is an excellent way of developing a list of potential topics. The media are an excellent source for potential topics, but they are only a starting point from which to build. D. Surfing the web
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Who is the author? How reliable is the source? How complete and accurate is the information? Narrowing the topic Once you have determined that your topic is appropriate, the next step is to decide whether it is narrow enough to fit the time limit and accomplish the goal of the assignment save time a topic that is well focused is much easier to research than one that is too general. The more abstract the topic, the more important is to narrow it to meet the constraints
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exam3 - Chapter 7 Selecting an appropriate topic Selecting...

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