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Hanifa Ayunisa sp108 - Hanifa Ayunisa SP 108 1:00 P.M July...

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SP 108 1:00 P.M July 20, 2011 Who Am I? “Who are you?” After I saw this topic, I started to look up in the mirror and try to see the reflection of myself wondering who I really am. This is a question that I should have asked myself already; it is a question that will help me evaluate and improve my life. I am just a typical teenager about to begin life in the 21st century. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I grew up in a normal sized house with a mother, father, and two siblings. I used to be a talkative person until my father announced that I had to move to the United States. Since that day, I have been changing much; I am no longer a talkative person. However, in the future I plan on being more confident in my communication skills because I would need this skill to start my career after college. In order to accomplish that, many people I know have helped me realize how I need to improve my communication skills and how to achieve that goal. Two years ago, when I was in my country, I used to be a passionate and talkative person. I always wanted to get to know more people in order to enhance my communication skills. For example, I was always the one who started the conversation. I tried to join the communication club in my school every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After joining that club, I realized that my communication skills were getting better and better. In this club, I learned much about how to deal with others, how to communicate the right way, how to use the proper language, and some other useful things. After joining this club, I became braver to talk in front of a hundred people. Similarly, other than being a good speaker, I also realized that I should be a good listener too. Being a good listener is also one of the most useful communication skills to connect people. I believed that a good listener is someone who can concentrate and not lose focus on a subject. When someone listens to someone sometimes they might start daydreaming or think of
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Hanifa Ayunisa sp108 - Hanifa Ayunisa SP 108 1:00 P.M July...

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