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Hanifa Ayunisa BA 101 01/05/2011 Chapter 1 In this chapter, I have learned that a person needs to be brave enough to override his or her fear and ready to take some risks in able to create a business. To make a good business, there is also a need to have a good entrepreneur. A good entrepreneur is the one who is willing to take greater risk in able to get greater reward in return. When a brave entrepreneur creates, the next step is to how to manage the business. Making a business is not easy, we need to deal with the changing, and I realize that there is always some improvement in technology. Right now, we have a new system marketing named e-commerce; it is the buying and selling of goods over the internet. Having this facility is a very good advantage for the customers who do not really like to go outside and pretty much busy, so they will not have time to go somewhere and get what they want. There is an example comes
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Unformatted text preview: from myself, when a new semester almost begins, I need to buy some textbooks. However, I cannot go to MC book store because I am busy taking care of my brother, so I just go to “amazon”. All I need is a laptop and internet connection to be able to buy the textbooks. I just need to type the title and the author of the book, and just like a magic, the book is there. I can just buy the book without even need to go to book store and then make a line to pay that book. Therefore, buying of goods over the Internet is really convenience for some people, including me. However, there is still some competition among companies; amazon’s rival is eBay. So, in able to get more customers, each company needs to please the customers’ wants and needs first; customer is king....
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