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Hanifa Ayunisa 051/05/2011 Chapter 3 In this world, there is a need for each country to trade with other countries. Each country is not going to have everything, they need to trade with the others to get something that they do not have, and that is why we have the global market. As an example is the United States, the U.S. is the largest both importing and exporting nation in the world. Import and export already have become two most common phrases in global business trade, and right now we can simplify import and export to buy and sell. Our human being have doing these activities for thousands years. They changed their products to trade; they have using currency to trade. However, these two phrase-import and export are becoming more and more complex. People not only import and export goods, but also do services. For example, Howard
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Unformatted text preview: Schultz imported the Starbucks from Italian to America; then he exported the Starbucks to China with the same coffees and the same services just like it in U.S.A. However, the key of the successful exporting of the Starbucks is that coffee in China is not popular before Starbucks was exported. In contrast, the teas which provide in Starbucks are lack of interested in China because China is a Tea Country. So, selling in global markets is not necessarily easy. Through this chapter, I have learned that global trade is more complex than I thought. We have to be clear about the dynamic demands and the overseas demands first. If I have chance to have my own business overseas, I will have advantage than others who dont know this theory....
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