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Hanifa Ayunisa January 9, 2011 Chapter 4 According to chapter 4, I have learned that there are two different ethics. Ethics is caught more that it is taught, and there are ethnic of justice and ethnic of care. Ethnic of justice is based on practice like justice, fairness, equality, or authority. Therefore, ethnic of care is the opposite of ethnic of justice. An ethnic of care is based on a sense of responsibility to reduce actual harm or suffering. People who prefer this style believe that solutions must be tailored to the special details of individual circumstances. After reading this part, I want to know which ethnic I am.
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Unformatted text preview: I answers nine questions and find out that I rely on ethnic of justice. For example, “which is worse? A. stealing something valuable from someone for no good reason or B. breaking a promise to a friend for no good reason” (Nickels, McHugh, and Mchugh 95). I answer A; A means ethnic of justice. By reading chapter 4, right now, I am pretty much sure that I look at problem logically. However, there are also some weaknesses of having ethnic of justice, such as; people do not really care with the others’ feeling and people might lose sight of the immediate interests on particular individuals....
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