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Hanifa Ayunisa January 9, 2011 Chapter 6 According to chapter six, one of the major issues in the United States is the need to create more jobs. And in able to have a business, there is a need to have one entrepreneur or a couple who have a good idea to start a new business and have some amount of financial support. The entrepreneurs can get the money by borrowing some money from friends, family, or even a bank, and finally they can start a business. Therefore, that business is going to help a lot of people finding a job and help the country prosper. However, taking the risks of starting a business can be scary for almost all of the people too because starting a business is like playing a gamble; the entrepreneurs can either lose their money or create some profits. For example is Sam Walton; he was willing to take some risk by creating Wal-Mart, and now he becomes one of the richest people in America. There are also some people who have a simple goal, which is enjoying a balanced
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Unformatted text preview: lifestyle while doing the kind of work they want to do; and it is called micropreneurs. Many micropreneurs are home-based business owners, and they are owned by people who are trying to combine career and family. Nonetheless, working at home has its challenges, such as: getting new customer is going to be difficult because they do not have signs or a storefront, problem with managing time, and of course problem with keeping work and family tasks separately. All in all, I have learned that there are some tips to learn about small-business operations. If I want to create a business, I need to learn from others who have already done it to get some ideas and some experience for my business in the future. Therefore, in the future, I can manage the time, marketing, and manage my employees in able to get a lot of profits....
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