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chapter 7 - determining resources needed and developing...

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Hanifa Ayunisa January 9, 2011 Chapter 7 According to chapter seven, I have learned about management. I have learned that many managers are changing their approach to corporate management. Right now, businesspeople are being challenged to be more ethnical to their employees; they are likely to be working in teams and to assuming completely new roles in the firm, like managers are being educated to guide, support, and teach employees. Therefore, there is no gap between employees and employers, and fortunately, they can work together and make a bigger profit at the end. Before the change happens, bosses tend to tell their employees what they must do and blame those employees who do not do things correctly and generally act harsh and strict. So, I believe that managing change is an important element of success. There are also four primary functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. First function is planning, and planning includes setting organizational goals,
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Unformatted text preview: determining resources needed, and developing strategies to reach those goals. And then, second function is organizing. A manager needs to know how to organize his or her business. And organizing includes, allocating resources, assigning tasks, establishing procedures for accomplishing goals, preparing a structure, recruiting, selecting, training, and developing employees. After that function is leading; leading includes guiding and motivating employees to work effectively to accomplish organizational goals and objectives, and the last function is controlling. Controlling includes rewarding outstanding performances, measuring results against corporate objectives, and providing feedback on performance. Therefore, I believe when a manager meets all of these four functions, that manager can be one of the most successful in the world....
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