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Hanifa Ayunisa January 10, 2011 Chapter 8 According to chapter eight, it says that changing is important, and it is called managing change. Years ago, many organizations in the past were designed more to facilitate management than to please the customer. Companies designed many rules and regulations to give managers control over employees, and it is called bureaucracy. Years ago, many companies also believed that unity of command, hierarchy of authority, degree of centralization were important to show who the superior was and also to prevent confusion. Therefore, by having only one boss, the employees were not going to get confuse to whom they need to follow and to report their work. However, I believe if the organizations still use this method, maybe their businesses are not
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Unformatted text preview: going to run well because today, creating a customer is the first thing to do in business. No matter what organizational model they choose or how much they empower their employees, the secret to successful organization change is to focus on customers and give them what they want, and to make customers happier, some companies are reorganizing to give employees power to make more decisions on their own. Rather than always having to follow strict rules and regulations, employees are now encouraged to please the customers no matter what. All in all, I believe that most companies will change the system in accordance with the development of the current era, and the method now is customer is king....
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