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chapter 9 - Hanifa Ayunisa Chapter 9 According to chapter...

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Hanifa Ayunisa January 10, 2011 Chapter 9 According to chapter nine, I have learned that there are several different processes manufacturers use to produce goods. Andrew S. Grove, chairman of computer chip manufacturer Intel, says that there are three basic requirements of production: to build and deliver products in response to the demands of the customer at a scheduled delivery time, to provide an acceptable quality level, and to provide everything at the lowest possible cost. As time goes by, people also think that they need to improve production techniques and cut costs in able to make a bigger profit and to provide high-quality goods and services instantaneously in response to customers demand. The whole idea of mass production was to make a large number of a limited variety of products at very low cost. Several major developments have radically changed the production process in the United States, making U.S. companies more competitive: computer-aided design and manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and mass
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