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Hanifa Ayunisa January 10, 2011 Chapter 10 According to chapter ten, I have learned about theory X and Y. the way managers go about motivating people at work depends greatly on their attitudes toward workers. Management theorist Douglas McGregor observed that managers’ attitudes generally fall into one of two entirely different sets of managerial assumptions, which he called Theory X and Theory Y. by reading the textbook, I have learned that theory x says the average people do not like work, and because of this dislike, workers must be forced to make them put forth the effort to achieve the organization’s goals. So, it is obvious that their primary motivators are money and fear. Sometimes, many managers still suspect that employees cannot be fully trusted and need to be closely supervised which makes the workers feel uncomfortable. On the other side, there is another theory which is really different from Theory X, and it is called theory Y. Theory Y makes entirely different assumptions about people, and it says that most people like work and naturally
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Unformatted text preview: work toward goals to which they are committed. People are motivated to work because of the rewards, such as: time off, money, recognition, and the others. Rather than emphasize authority, Theory Y emphasizes a relaxed managerial atmosphere in which workers are free to set objectives, be creative, be flexible, and go beyond the goals set by management. And a key technique to meet these objectives is empowerment. I like theory Y better, and I believe most of the people have the same opinion as me. It is clear that Theory Y is more convenient to worker; workers love their jobs, they reach the goal, they commit to the company, and they are motivated. I also have learned that in Theory Y, empowerment gives employees the authority to make decisions and the tools to implement the decisions they make which is good for employees because right now there is no gap between employees and employers. Therefore, they can share the problem and solve problem together....
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