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Hanifa Ayunisa January 12, 2011 Chapter 14 According to chapter 14, I have learned about a total product offer. From a strategic marketing viewpoint, a total product is more than just the physical good or service; it consists of everything that consumers evaluate when deciding whether to buy something. The marketers evaluate price, brand name, convenience, package, store surrounding, service, internet access, buyer’s past experience, guarantee, speed of delivery, image created by advertising, and reputation of producer. Before I learn this chapter, I have never thought that the marketers are concern about all these things. I was wrong for thinking that marketers only care about how much money a company is willing to pay for advertising the product.
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Unformatted text preview: Right now, I know that a successful marketer begins to think like a consumer and evaluate the total product offer. Marketers also use a mix of pricing, advertising, and packaging to make their products seem unique and attractive; so a lot of people are willing to buy. However, to put the price is also going to be a difficult task to do because buyers do not really want to buy something for a really expansive price, and sellers want to sell their products high to make some profit. Therefore pricing objectives include achieving a target profit, building traffic, increasing market share, creating an image, and meeting social goals....
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