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Hanifa Ayunisa January 12, 2011 Chapter 15 According to chapter 15, I have learned that there are six utilities created by intermediaries. Utility is the want-satisfying ability, or value, that organizations add to goods or services when the products are made more useful or accessible to consumers than they were before. There are six utilities added, which are form, time, place, possession, information, and service. Most some utilities are performed by marketing intermediaries. The first utility is form utility; it has been provided by producers. It consists of taking raw materials and changing their form so that they become useful product. Second is time utility; adding time utility to products by making them available when they are needed. Third is place utility; intermediaries add place utility to products by having them where people want them. Forth is possession utility;
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Unformatted text preview: intermediate add it by doing whatever is necessary to transfer ownership from one party to another, including providing credit. Fifth is information utility; intermediaries add it by opening two-way flows of information between marketing participants. And the last important utility is service utility. Intermediaries add it by providing fast, friendly service during and after the sale and by teaching customers how to best use products over time. All in all, by learning these six utilities, I have learned that a producer is really depending on these six utilities to get profit more by selling more products. And without them, I pretty much sure that a company cannot be that successful selling her or his product....
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