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chapter 16 - there are still some advantages and...

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Hanifa Ayunisa January 14, 2011 Chapter 16 According to chapter 16, I have learned that promotion is really important to sell product to customers. Promotion is an effort by marketers to inform and remind people in the target market about products and to persuade them to participate as an exchange. And there are many different tools marketers can do to promote their products and services. One of the best useful to promote their products is by looking at advertising. Advertising is paid, non-personal communication through various media by organizations and individuals who are in some way identified in the message. The most effective media are often very expensive, but the goal is to use the medium that can reach customers desire market effectively and efficiently. Marketers can advertise their products by using newspapers, television, radio, or even internet. However,
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Unformatted text preview: there are still some advantages and disadvantages by using one of them to advertise. Newspapers is good coverage of local markets; ads can be placed quickly; high consumer acceptance; ads can be clipped and saved. However, ads compete with other features in paper; poor color; ads get thrown away with paper; so, it is kind of short life span. And another way to promote the product is by using television. Television uses sight, sound, and motion; reaches all audiences; high attention with no competition from other material, but that company needs to have a lot of money to pay for this advertisement because it is high cost, and it also takes time to prepare ads. All in all, promoting a new product is such a hard work, and a great marketer is going to find the best way to promote his or her products; so, customers are willing to pay her or his product....
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