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Assignment: Major/Minor Flow Chart and Recommendation Course Name/Section: MIS 235 Section P Mike Mesrobian, McCrea O’Haire, Ben Rascoe, Allison McDannel, Fred Hoffman February 9, 2010 Suggested Changes to the Major/Minor Process We believe that in-order to increase efficiency in the FSB major change process, the system should be completely automated and not require any face-to-face approvals. We have redesigned the system to be run through blackboard. We believe that if a student wishes to change their major, they should be able to log onto Blackboard and fill out a change of major request that is sent directly to the desired department.
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Unformatted text preview: Upon department approval, a notification is sent for approval to the division. If accepted by the division, a notification is sent for approval to the registrar. The registrar makes the official change on the student’s file, and sends a confirmation email to the student notifying them that their request has been approved. If any step of the way denies the student’s request, an email notification is sent to them informing them so. Data needed for the new flow chart:- Banner ID Number- MiamiID- New Major- Old Major- Approved?...
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