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Assignment: Major/Minor Flow Chart and Recommendation Course Name/Section: MIS 235 Section P Mike Mesrobian, McCrea O’Haire, Ben Rascoe, Allison McDannel, Fred Hoffman February 4, 2010 Major/Minor Process and Recommendations Below we have stated the process of changing both major and minor as well as given a recommendation on improving the process. When attempting to change one’s major, one goes to the department of their desired new major. One fills out the “yellow form”, including current major, new major, and the Banner ID “plus” number. No signature is needed, unless switching to the Interdisciplinary Business Management Major. The form is then turned back into the office from which I was provided. If changing to a business major, the form must be brought to room 2022 of FSB.
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Unformatted text preview: If changing to a different college, a signature is needed and must be taken to the new division. When adding or changing a minor, one must go to the office and fill out a form. On site, an advisor will sign the form to approve the minor. If it is in the business school, it will enter the minor. If the minor is outside of the business school, it will be sent to the registrar for entry. We recommend creating an office that handles all major and minor changes in one building along with academic advising. By housing all of the advisors and processes in the same place, students will understand where to find guidance and avoid confusion. The ability to go to a single office and get advising and all one’s changes made would create an easier process and a more confident student body....
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