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MIS235Assesmentassignment - markets In this case a simple...

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Mike Mesrobian MIS 235 Section P Assessment Assignment In approaching the problem I would first confirm the CMO’s suspicions. Using SQL and pivot tables, I would attempt to create accurate depictions and hard numbers that demonstrate the seasonal nature of revenue. Creating an effective display to show the chief executives of the company would be necessary to shifting the to increasing revenue in the down-season months. Corporate data segmented by SQL into month-by-month displays broken down even further into certain products or sales areas would provide the perfect material of which to create a pivot table. When creating a long term strategic marketing plan, data would have to be segmented to demonstrate what products are doing well in certain areas and which are not in others. Some of the company’s best selling products may not be available in certain
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Unformatted text preview: markets. In this case, a simple SQL of the best selling products, and a follow-up SQL of the specific products best markets will lead to plenty of ideas of where to sell products and which ones to sell. With specific markets and products targeted, the next step would to evaluate employee performance and look for possible restructuring of the sales team to target demographics, areas, etc. Increasing supplier power will be essential to increasing revenue, so arming sales staff with discounts, customer loyalty packages, and more would help increase both customer retention and order size. By focusing on identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, and implementing changes to increase revenue, Northwinds will find a way to increase revenue and reduce its fluctuations in sales....
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