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Mike Mesrobian ENG 304 Reflective Cover Between revisions and final project I basically wrote a completely new paper. Inspired by my conversation with Jason, I realized that my paper was basically a long inner-dialogue and far from the data based case study that I needed to write. I began to treat the paper more like an analytical paper, a style I had not used since freshman year. I had become so used to writing my own narratives that I did not give proper thought into formatting before my first draft. I am much happier with my paper now; it doesn’t go many sentences without a direct quote from either from my subjects or form twitter accounts I used as examples and just flows much more like the case study it is supposed to be. Once I looked thoroughly through my research, I realized that I had plenty of quotations that complemented all of the points I wanted to make. I think that using my subjects words, though not always the most descriptive language, makes my study much more powerful. If I had more time and resources I would interview more and more people, and maybe see if I can get some to admit that, despite their front, they actually do care about crafting good, funny tweets. I learned that case study’s are more than just a story to tell, they are a research paper that requires acquiring a perspective, understanding it, planning out an effective way to explain your impressions, and then use none of your own words. A very interesting process that I found very rewarding once I began using my research more.
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--- Michael Mesrobian ENG 304 Case Study Twitter has become a dominant social force in modern day technology. Revolutionizing the way people connect, business reach customers, and Americans receive news, Twitter has slowly spread its way through society in different ways. Initially starting out as an important tool for cutting-edge businesspersons, it has taken a surprising amount of time to reach the "internet generation". The "internet generation” is defined as the people who grew up with social media abilities, from AOL Instant Messanger to Facebook. Twitter was founded in 2006 and has quickly become one of the most valuable social media companies in the world. Originally popularized at the South by Southwest Festival, better known as SXSW, in 2007, it became a hit with blogging and media types. In contrast to the standard social media popularity arc of starting with younger people and moving to older demographics as time goes on, Twitter became initially popular with people who may have not used social media functions while growing up. Its roots firmly planted with a news and deal seeking audience, Twitter has only recently become a popular tool for college students. I spent time interviewing three different college-aged males, exploring the value
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ENG304case2 - Mike Mesrobian ENG 304 Reflective Cover...

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