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Mike Mesrobian 3/3/2011 Writing Assignment #1 ENG 304 Writer Reflection: The piece was seeded by one of my writing experiments that ended up becoming the third story in my collection of anecdotes. I had a meeting with Jason where him and I discussed how I could turn a well-developed story into a grander piece with a bigger meaning. My other writing experiment, that described generational attitudes towards faith through my family experiences, seemed to have maximized it’s intellectual capacity and would be more of a struggle to expound upon. We settled on my experiment that is about a night I had as the head tour guide at my boarding school. The story served as a microcosm for effort I put into succeeding in a very unnatural environment for me: New England prep school. I set out to write the two subsequent anecdotes with the knowledge that I wanted to them to relate to my original story on an emotional level but with a dissimilar sequence of events. The overarching theme of my piece is my Loomis experience, but more importantly I quickly figured out that the most compelling aspects of my time there fell under a very relatable theme: trying to fit in and succeed. I think that a lot of young men have the same subconscious insecurities of whether they are manly, intelligent, and capable of being a normal person within a culture. Though my audience technically consists of twenty-eight females, one male student and a male teacher, I think that my stories represent a common childhood struggle amidst an atypical, to Miami at least, setting. I chose to start with the English story because it confronts the fear of unintelligence, a fear that I believe lies in the back of everyone’s head. In such a high- intensity environment, I was in a much more volatile position of self-confidence, as the sheer difficulty of being surrounded by highly intelligent people kept that personal battle constantly on my mind. The wrestling story addresses most teenagers desire for athletic success. Coupled with the fact that the uncommon sport plays a bit to the “fear of outsider” general theme I think that the desire to prove myself comes across clearest because there are concrete results and a clear happy ending to it. The tour-guiding story I placed last because it has the best perspective of the three. I ended up editing out a lot of what actually happened to keep the “over-arching” and concluding tone that signals the conquering of my insecurities. With the exception of cutting the less emotional aspects of the final story, the vast majority of the editing during the paper was platonic. I was very happy with the emotions and pace of the stories and did not want to over scrutinize their flow because I have often found that I ruin the voice by looking at the paper too closely. The same mentality kept me from forcing an effort to have the story flow together. I have never presented a piece of work as a collection with an overarching theme but I am trying to
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break my habit of over structuring my writing. The foreign feeling of keeping the initial
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ENG304Final1 - Mike Mesrobian Writing Assignment#1 ENG 304...

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