PHY101Guatamela - - GDP (2007) 33,855,000 (Source #1)...

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- GDP (2007) 33,855,000 (Source #1) - Agriculture, specifically coffee, bananas, sugar and cardamom (Source #1) - Average income: $227/month per family (Source #3) - Life Expectency: 68.6 (Source #1) - Farming (Source #4) - Very high altitude, mix of rural and urban, lots of poverty (Source #4) - Main source of energy is hydroelectric power (Source #1) - Hydroelectric plants and diesel fuel are the most used types and are in the process of becoming privatized - Water can be very tough to find if not located very near a source, and quality decreases with proximity to source (Source #2) - Country attempting to reduce dependency on fossil fuels by privatizing hydroelectric and carbon-based electricity plants (Source #1) - Biggest worries: political stability, military control of government, water supply Source #1: Source #2: : Source #3: Source #4:
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PHY101Guatamela - - GDP (2007) 33,855,000 (Source #1)...

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