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MKT 325 Final Study Guide 1. LOW-INVOLVEMENT DECISION MAKING Examples : Brisk Tea “Eminem” Bud Light “Hack Job” Bud Light “Grab Some Buds” Western L/I Decision-Making - Little – No risk No prepurchase Information Search - Behavior-focused Stages Old Product New Product Problem Recognition Replenishment Awareness Information Search Purchase Trial (initial purchase) Alternative Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Post-Purchase Post-Purchase Processes Post-Purchase Processes Problem Recognition - Repetition of brand name - $$: Advertising strategy Ad/Sales ratio o Beer, Candy, Pop 7% Information Search - $$$: Sales promotion o Samples/free trials o Large Value coupons/ 2-for-1 o Contests/Sweepstakes Post-Purchase - Especially repeat purchase 2. ALTERNATIVE EVALUATION * Attitude Formation * 3 Component Model High-Involvement Low-Involvement 1. Cognitive Know 1. Cognitive Know Brand Name Awareness 2. Affective Feel 2. Behavioral Action Purchase/Trial 3. Behavioral Action 3. Affective Feel/Like + Positive Brand Attitude Low-Involvement Strategies - Difficult to differentiate brand ( incredibly difficult) for marketer Implication: LOTS of price competition o Avoid by: Tying Brand to (important) Person/Event
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Adding an Attribute (often packaging) Example : Oreos resealable container Using Emotional Appeals High-Involvement Strategies Information Search Purchase All Available Brands (Internal I/S) Awareness Set Unawareness Set (External I/S – Cognitive) Evoked Inept Set Inert Set + - 0 positive negative neutral (Affective) Chosen Brand (Behavioral) Purchase Strategy Implications for Marketers
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MKT325Final - MKT 325 Final Study Guide 1. LOW-INVOLVEMENT...

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