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304.weeks12-15 - MGT304SPRING2011 Weekend Individuals For...

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  MGT304 •• S PRING  2011 Weekend •••• Individuals : For Wednesday, April 13: In a 1p executive summary, explain key ideas gained by INTERVIEWING a relevant source of experiential understanding (e.g., executive, manager, or knowledgeable person) of a country in your cultural cluster. W EEK  12 – L EADING  G LOBAL  T EAMS . Teams: film clips. 1. SSRN Chapter 8. 2. Javidian, Dorfman, Sully de Luque, and House. Stanford Cases . 1. SSRN Chapter 8. 2. Weekend •••• Teams : Begin to prepare your final team project -- "Doing Business in the Focal Country (or countries) of your Cultural Cluster ." This project includes a 30m (max.) presentation and a short (e.g., 2p) guide for each of your colleagues, consisting of important and otherwise helpful ideas to take forward from this seminar. W EEK  13 – A LIGNING  P ATTERNS   OF  M ANAGEMENT  AND C ULTURE . M, A 18: Working with Mgt. and Cultural Patterns.
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